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17 Oct 2004
The weather station and webcam are not active, since I no longer live up in Crestline. We are working on getting everything installed near the Crestline launch, either on a mast extending up from the water tank just east of launch, or by renting space on the microwave relay towers just west of launch. The equipment has been removed from the trees at the old location. I have purchased a single board computer, Simba, (no moving parts) to serve as the interface between the weather equipment and the internet. We have the original webcam donated by Owen Morse and a new aimable and zoomable webcam from Dan DeWeese. The cams will be available through the CSS website, either directly through their built-in web interfaces or through Simba. Dan was spearheading the site negotiations, and his recent broken leg has slowed that process down a bit.
Pre 2004
The weather page is now created by a php3 script, which allows such things as selecting the record interval, number of records to show, and reviewing data from previous days.
The parameters for a given view are part of the URL, so that if one bookmarks the page the current view will be shown.
The data for "Today" starts at midnight. The data for previous days runs from midnight to midnight, and records are listed in reverse order.
There are gaps in the logs, for various reasons, and a number of the files don't contain a full day's data. I lost March 2000 completely.

The data for the current day is listed in the file wxToday.dat in the 'wx' directory of the CSS website.
The data from previous days is stored in the 'wx/crswx' directory, with filenames constructed as 'wxyyyymmdd.dat' e.g. the file for 17 July 2000 is wx20000717.dat.
The record format is as follows (comma separated values):
1 Minute Average Wind Speed (MPH)
5 Minute Peak Wind Speed (MPH)
Wind Direction of Peak Wind (deg.)
Temperature (F)
Humidity (%)
Barometric Pressure (mbar)
3-hour Pressure Change (mbar)
Note that on the weather page the time and date are combined into one cell.

Anyone may download and use the weather data as they see fit. Please give credit to your source as appropriate.

Now that the data files are on the website, instead of just recent data in an html page, the task of cobbling together some graphing functions will be easier. That doesn't mean it will happen soon.
The weather data on the Experimental Weather Page comes from a weather station Ursula and I have installed at our residence in Crestline, about 1 mile from the launch site, not far from the Windtalker location (909-338-3362).
The page may be absent or non-functional at any time due to fiddling with it. If you know of any particularly useful and novel ways to display weather/wind data, please email me with a description and/or link.

The anemometer and wind vane are mounted on a pole sticking out from the top of a tree in our front yard, at an approximate altitude of 5000' MSL.

The weather station is an Ultimeter 2000 by Peet Bros. with a sensor package from American Weather Enterprises. The equipment is good, and the package was shipped within moments of our placing the order. If others are considering getting weather equipment I suggest checking out the market leader Davis Instruments (market leaders usually have that status for a reason) or Texas Weather Instruments in addition to Peet Bros.

Most packages have Micros~1 compatble software included or available so one can display the info locally and/or publish it to the web. Some of us just have to be different.

Our station is connected to an old 486 PC w/8 Meg of ram running Red Hat Linux 6.0, which employs a simple perl script to store the station output and translate it into decimal format. The data is uploaded to the CSS website every five minutes, where a PHP script uses it to make a table whenever the weather page is requested. A good use for an old machine like that.

Good Flying,

Ken Howells

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