"NEW" GIN Bolero III, Gingo II harness, One-G reserve (price reduced)


Let the summer sales begin :)


Bolero III (XS) with less than 2 hours flying time and less than 1 hour kiting time. 

Gingo II  (S) harness no scuffs less than two hours on it, brand new!!

One-G reserve already installed. 

Gin Speed Bar


This whole set up, $2200 obo, all is new and barley touched other than to air it out, was carefully loosely stored in temperature controlled home, and checked on from time to time. 


Will consider selling items separately. 


Gin Bolero Plus Paraglider


Excellent Condition.Special Wing for beginner paraglidng.
Size M : 80-105 Kg - Color : yellow, Blue , Very good for
Begginer,Novice,Student for Paramotoring and Paragliding.
DHV1 Raing
Bolero Plus is a typical school wing Begginer and Novice with rock-like stability. Nevertheless
it has a good level of flight performances and excellent handling.

$900   price is firm

Contact me 949-331-4379


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