2015 CSS Elections

Hey Gang,

It's that time of year again to elect your 2015 club officers.

The ballot is attached to this posting (see below). CSS members, please cast your votes. Voting deadline is 2/1/2015.

This is what we have going on.

Site Coordinator:       Tom Emery

Safety Coordinator:    Tom Swanson                                                                                         

Events Coordinator: Kathy Rhodes

Communications Director: Dave Hards                                                                                 ​

Secretary:  Gary Anderson                                                                                                  

Treasure:  Kevin Williams                                                                                                            

Vice President: Dan DeWeese                                                                                                

President: Jeff Boehler

​Write Ins are always welcome and will be included on the ballot.

Thankfully, Ken Howells will continue to be our Web Master/Guru.

We also have the pleasure of Chris Hast joining our team as the LZ Improvement Director. Chris will oversee the ongoing year round maintenance & improvements that help keep our LZ in top shape. If you are interested in helping Chris with those duties, please let us know.                             

Note: This is a volunteer position at this time.

Jeff Boehler

We would like to thank all of you who took the time to cast your votes! The results are below.

Kathy Rhodes: Events Coordinator

Gary Anderson: Secretary

Dave Hards: Communications Director

Tom Swanson: Safety Coordinator

Tom Emery: Site Coordinator

Kevin Williams: Treasurer

Dan DeWeese: Vice President

Jeff Boehler: President


There were no ' Write Ins "  submitted this year for any positions. 

Ken Howells will thankfully continue to be our Web Master/Guru.

Chris Hast will also continue to be our  LZ Improvement Director.

We would personally like to thank Shelby Bilyk and Matt Barker for all of their continued support of this club over the past 5-6 years. As CSS members you have both contributed many hours of your time to help make others feel welcome here. Both club members & visiting pilots and friends frequently tell us how nice this place is to come fly and visit.

You two have been a big part of that team effort by all club members to help make everyone that comes here for the day to feel welcome.  Thank You Shelby & Matt!

Fly Safe!