Call of the Wild Pot-Luck and Fly with Friends!

Come on out and fly, then eat, or maybe just eat...either way its going to be fun!

November 15, 2014 around 3-ish Saturday!

Randy is bringing Venison stew and steaks.

Dusty is bringing Moose chili.

Steve don't fly is bringing his fresh caught Fish.

Bring your wild self and what ever you think we are missing.

It's the call of the wild.

Don't miss it!


I'd call the event a success.  I went out and took my sled ride like a man... meaning the ten minutes will turn into something like two hours in later conversation.

The  moose chili was very good, the venison Randy brought was tasty. Steve's fish was good enough that my daughter Mary, who in her own words "doesn't like fish", was a little surprised to find she was eating fish.  Finding out didn't slow her down, though.

I brought cookies, and there weren't any left to take home, so apparently I brought the right kind.

Dusty's new robo-campfire worked very well, too.  I don't think it has quite the ambience of a real wood fire, but it doesn't smoke, it's legal under the drought fire restrictions, and it keeps you warm while you stretch your ten minutes into two hours.  Hard to complain about that.