ESA workshop/fly in

First I want to encourage everyone to attend the next CSS fly in on September 6.  If you are looking for some thing different to do this Labor Day weekend, the Experimental Soaring Association is holding their annual Western Workshop at Tehachapi. Here is the lecture itinerary:


0830 Dan Rihn: Rigid Midget Replica
0930 Jeff Byard: Weihe ("Vaya")
1030 Andy Kecskes: SGS 1-26 restoration
1130 Brandon Willis: Moldless Composite Sailplane Construction
Lunch Break
1330 Tom Weil: Soaring at California City
1430 Dan Armstrong: WinDancer ULS
1530 Al Bowers: Prandtl Wing Update
1630 Murry Rozansky: Oratex Covering


0830 Phil Barnes: Regen Electric Flight (Sunday 1st slot)
0930 Dan Rihn: The Story of the ASW-20
1030 Dean Sigler: Electric Flight
1130 Bob Hoey: Flight of Birds
Lunch Break
1330 Floyd Fronius: GOAT/PIG Update
1430 Bob Kuykendahl: HP-24 update
1530 Jack Norris on props
1630 Membership Meeting (lots of things to cover - please p

1830 Dessert

There will be a lot of vintage gliders there, and hopefully my not so vintage PW-2.  If you are into more modern aircraft there should be a few at the Miramar airshow which is coming up October 3-5.

Enjoy, Alan