End O Summer Fiesta at the Pond

Owen and I were talking the other day about putting together an end of summer tacos at the pond party so here goes...

When:  Sunday, September 14th

Where: XC Ranch Pond

I'll supply the tacos,  Owen's bringing the margaritas.  Feel free to bring something to share but don't feel obligated.  There will be plenty to eat for everyone.  Also-  family and friends are all invited; more is better.  :)

See you then,





Bring your towels & suits. Still warm weather this time of year.

Shuttle service by Rangers running frequently from LZ to Pond.



That deck and pond are rare treasures in our arid climate. I am very greatful for all the hard work that went into making that unique place.  Really looking forward to it.

Coming soon to a Pond near you.

Taco fest & warm water.

The BBQ will be at the pond.

Weekend prediction 104°.

10 K altitude gains per Accu Dan.

Bring H2O & a desire to fly high & long.

Towels optional at The Pond?

Jion the Fun.

Chips & Salsa gladly excepted.

Just a reminder, after the Taco Fest Pond Aqua Opener...

Upcoming fall events.

Oktoberfest & Chili Cook Off! (Pot Luck).

Meat/Fish Smokers Welcomed!

Dates determined on weather forecasts as we get closer. (Santa Anna winds)

October will be the target month for those.

Fly Safe!