More shade, again.

There was some discussion started by me about adding additional shade in the LZ some time back.

The concensus seemed to be that wasn't a bad idea, but nobody, including me, has done much about it.

So I was thinking that if we got an idea of what kind of difference it would make maybe that would whip up some enthusiasm for a project.  Renting a 20 x 40 canopy for the fly-in would cost somewhere between 200 and 500 dollars, depending on where you look on the internet.

I don't think there's any question that with the number of people we get at a fly in, more shade is a good idea. 

Having the canopy put up over the large concrete area next to the existing shade structure would give us a good idea of what a seasonal shade structure there would do for us, some idea of what a seasonal shade structure there would do to the airflow, and somebody else would do the work of setting it up.

One of my goofier fantasies recently has been that a large shade structure on that edge of the LZ might actually improve the airflow, acting like a leading edge slot to attach the airflow to the surface.


If you had some smoke bombs, you could test the laminar flow theory in real time, once the shade structure was up.  Copious generation of soap bubbles might do the trick, but not as good as smoke.  Set off the smoke in several places fron the parking lot, so the flow could be observed through, over, and beyond (downwind) of the structures.