Camping for the fly-in?

20th Anniverserary Fly-In!

We had our pop-up behind the truck last year, but this year we are concidering a small tent and driving the car. Sure would be nice to simply pitch a sleeping bag on the grass. But, I know that is not the camping area. :-(  Plus, I've seen some of the CSS members mowing the grass, one of them looks like a character from "Mad Max"!

There are rattlesnakes and laaaarge vicious, people seeking ants in the area. Stick with your pop up, or don't mind being bitten. This is the voice of experience speaking. If you are on the ground, you are fair game. 

In all the years I've combed the personal ads in LA Weekly and Craigslist, this has to be a first.

Gives a whole new meaning to the acronym, PSA