Independence Day

I'll have my mini grill in the landing area at 530 cooking up

some July 4 burgers. Cmon out!

Thanks for the tasty burger, Dan!

Interesting flying with the strong westerly wind and the thunderheads tot he east and west slowly fizzling out.  Launched Marshall at 5 and worked spots of ridge lift off the terrain for a while and then around  5:30 the thermals started coming more often.  Maybe the wind died a little.  Boated around  over at the west end and eventually found myself at 5k at 6 PM without having really tried to get up there. Went over to Pine via the Afterbay but it wasn't great over there like I'd thought it might be. At 6:30 I was zero-sinking 1k over the LZ and had to hunt for sink to get down without stuffing the bar.  Good landing into west 12-15.