Cloud & Marshall Windsock replacement.

We have a volunteer to help replace the socks. We will be leaving the LZ at 9:00 am. headed to Cloud first, then onto Marshall in my truck. We will have the 24' ladder (for Marshall) & all equipment.

Needed if possible: one more person & a driver if available.

You get a free ride to Marshall after the work is done.  Paraglider or Hanglider pilot welcome.

We should have it done by 11:27 am., if all goes well?

Room for 2-3 pilots plus driver.

Just be at the LZ ready to go at 9:00 am.



A Big Thank You to Russ Detwiler and Tim Ward for volunteering to show up early today.

It was a nice hike to Cloud peak and then down to Marshall wind sock poles in the fog today.

24' ladder in tow to Marshall and the mission was complete. At 11:29 am. we were done at Marshall launch taking a break & fueling up for the days flying.

We are constantly told by visiting pilots that we have a great flying site and great club. You have accomplished a lot over the years to make this happen. Thanks to all that help make this happen. You are Greatly Appreciated by many!

We were rewarded for our efforts with a great day of flying with the cumulus clouds forming during the day. Flight times of 1-3 hrs. for many. Altitude gains in the 5500 msl range. About fifty pilots out for the day. The BBQ was fired up with the food spread out by the time I left. They must of saw the forecast coming. Santa Anas for the next few days.