A Film Crew at AJX this Saturday 4-12-14

There will be a small film crew out at the LZ this coming Saturday. It will consist of about an 8 person crew with the intention of filming gliders coming in for a landing & flying about in the air. The short film segments will be used for an educational on line text for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 mathematics textbooks.

This is a current project with Larson Text Books called The Big Ideas STEM episodes. A little info on some of their past work here:  http://ca.bigideasmath.com/

We met with the film crew production manager Casey Hollands a few weeks back at AJX to go over location logistics. They will basically have hand held cameras with an interviewer/commentator talking with the gliders coming in for landings in the background. They will be located at the NW end of the LZ on the dirt part for most of the filming. They were informed of our landing approaches & assured me they will stay clear of all aircraft. Filming will take 4-5 hrs. & they plan to be on location about 1:30 pm. 

The web episodes are approximately five minutes long and open with a real life example/application of the topic to be focused on in the chapter. The Andy Jackson Airpark was chosen because one of their episodes uses hangliders (specifically their wing design) to demonstrate the concept of congruency. Ok, a show of hands please, how many out there knew that???

So, if you want to help train our youth for the future, tell your family you must come out & fly this Saturday for the educational enhancement of many. Also, after I explained we are a Non Profit 501 C (3) involved with the training & improvement of flying skills for all pilots, he agreed to a tax deductible donation to the CSS  general fund  for our expenses. They will also do a lead in plug for the Andy Jackson Airpark located in San Bernardino, CA (future pilots).

I didn't know how to explain that " a WHACK is just one of our training tools used by many to focus peer pressure on the improvement of your landing skills"?  I guess they will just see for them selves...

Fly Safe!


The Birthday Boy

Yep, they were landing in every direction today.

Potential Hollywood stars?

Film crew on location. 

A few close-up shots by the crew of some gliders. Our man Scott in the scene.

Two of the real stars of the day. Frances & the Brew master.

A few toast masters. Gavin, Tom & Chris.

The Rhodes family on tour of the facilities.

It looked like a fly-in kinda day out there. Over eighty people out for the day. Dusty's birthday, SC X country league & film crew filled the day and air with pilots till about 6:30 pm. Winds picked up in the late afternoon which brought most pilots down for a landing. Throughout the day we were entertained with pilots having  to adjust their approaches in every direction. Over all, every one did quit well with no major whacks.

Flight times of 1-2 hrs. for many with a fair amount of tandem flights as well. Nice cummies forming with cloud base about 6500 msl.

The film crew was able to get more than enough footage, plus there will be a number of them coming back for some tandem flights. As luck would have , the director was a beer connoisseur so it was a two thumbs up for the Matt Brewing company. When they get done  with editing, we'll see if we can  get a clip of it to show.

After the flying everyone was treated to a spread of food for all to enjoy. A Big Thanks to all on that!

On approach.

On final.

Ken with a tandem.


Film crew on location.