CSS Semi-Annual General Membership Meeting

Hey Everyone:

It is time for our April meeting so we are posting it early so you can mark your calendar. It has been requested by pilots that we change the meeting time so please make note of that! This should help those with a longer commute after a day of flying to return home at a reasonable hour. 

Agenda for Crestline Soaring Society General Meeting

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014

Time: 9:00 am.

Location: Andy Jackson Air Park

San Bernardino, CA

Topics for Discussion:

   Review of minutes from last meeting ( Fall 2013)

   Old Business

   Review of Site improvements

   Treasures Report

   A Regional Directors review/summery of the recent USHPA meeting.  (Dan, Alan or Cory) ?

   An update on our planned Fly-ins for this year.  There is three planned so far.

   A review of CSS updated  P1-2 & H1-2 Instructor sign-offs for newer pilots.

  Walk-in New Business items?

  Seasonal Shade: ( Tim Ward)




A Special Note to all CSS members. If at any time you have any suggestions or concerns that would help with the overall improvement of this club, please don't hesitate to seek out & talk to any officer of CSS. We feel we are very approachable at any time & would welcome your thoughts. 



Hey All,

Just to keep this thread active, I'll try to post updates.

Kevin Williams informed me we now have 262 members of CSS.

Granted, not all are full year members, some are prorated.

How ever, all the credit goes to you the members, for helping make the new and visiting pilots feel welcome!

Your site intros, pot lucks, impromptu grilling events, fly-ins and generally helping pilots & family members feeling comfortable at our facility is greatly appreciated by many. Please continue to do what you do best.

Fly Safe!

A new wind sock to the north of the LZ. Just west of the hangliding training hill.

North of the LZ and about 70' higher than the shade structure wind sock.

I'm glad we've got so many members -- even seasonal ones. 

But during the peak season, I think we could use a little more shade.

Adding permanent shade that would tolerate winter Santa Anas would be expensive.

So I'd like to propose we consider adding additions to the shade structure that would be sort of tent-like, that we could put up in the spring, and take down in the fall.

My ideas tend to run toward structures of chain link fence fittings that would bolt on to existing structure and be covered with shade cloth. Then we could roll it up and stick it in one of the glider storage units in the off season.



It's been added to New Business.

Thanks Tim.