Super Floater for sale


I still have a third Super Floater available for sale, in whole or in up to a 4 way partnership. Price is $8,000 or for a 1/4 share: $2,000. I would prefer very much to sell it to a local (SoCal) pilot or pilots that would be welcome to fly with our group of super floater, Goat, BUG, PW-2, and similar gliders at various sites through out Southern California. I have interested parties from out of state, and will eventually sell to one of them if no locals step up in the near future. I may also eventually form a partnership on a brand new custom built Goat Glider, similar to the famous Red Goat. The super floater available is the all white one seen rolling off and flying at Crestline on you tube (search: super floater Crestline). Contact me if you are interested in flying your HG/PG or other wing with us, the next time we are flying our "Airchair" style gliders. Thanks, and see you in the air, Alan



Winch Launching the Super Floater in Tehachapi from Steve Watkins on Vimeo.

 I wanted to give my ad for our third super floater a bump and attempt to add a video on Vimeo of us winch launching it at Tehachapi, ca.  If no video is attached, you know I have failed, but you can find it with a Vimeo search.  It's a good video especially if you like the Red hot Chilli peppers.  Thanks Alan


I failed.  Tried to fix it and was only able to provide a link to some other thrilling video.  I will try to fix later, unless Steve wants to reply with a correct link.  For any one planning to go for a ride in the Grob, I promise I am a lot better at flying than posting links.  Thanks, Alan


Al, you pasted in a link, or something. I found the video and embedded it for you.

The thing to do is to find your video on Vimeo and click the 'share' icon on the upper right of the video.  Copy the entire content of the box marked 'Embed'.  In the editor on this here website, click the icon that looks like a little green filmstrip, just left of the one that looks like a globe.  Paste the content you copied into the box that appears and click OK.  Then you should be good to go.


Hello Ken,

Thanks for fixing the link.  I figured I would wait a few days to thank you, so I could  give my ad another bump.  

Thanks, Alan


Hello Alan,

do you still have the Super Floaterfor sale? I am L-13 Blanik pilot, Czech rep., Europe.


I might be interested in a partnership share.  I am curious.  I've seen them taken off the truck racks up at Crestline and was wondering roughly how much the whole pkg weighs?

Hello Joseph and Kevin,  I sold the third Super Floater to a pilot in Oregon quite some time ago.  I still own a Super Floater and I am partners on a second one with three fellow Crestline club members.  My quarter share in this one is still available, and I also have a GOAT glider with the "Yando" style wings, that I would be happy to have local partners on.  Anyone interested is welcome to email me at "alcoffield   at".  The Super Floater and GOAT gliders are great fun to fly,  but are probably best suited as a second wing, and not as your only wing or an everyday flyer, unless you have regular access to aero towing.  Joseph, I hope you were only a Blanik L-13 pilot and not an owner since they have been grounded for nearly 4 years, and their is little hope of them getting legally airworthy again.  The L-13's in the US can be bought for the scrap value of the metal which is only a couple of hundred dollars.  Pretty sad end for such a nice glider.  Super Floater, GOAT, and other "air chair" gliders vary in weight depending on the various designs or on who built them or accessories but are mostly close to the 155# limit for unpowered gliders to meet the FAR part 103 requirements.  Thanks for the interest, Alan