Mark Knight R.I.P.


Our dear friend from Tempe, AZ, Mark Knight lost his life today while setting up to land his Dragonfly tug at Ak-Chin Airport in Maricopa, AZ. Mark loved to come to Crestline and hang glide whenever he had the chance. I think it would be a nice gesture if the club would circulate a card and have as many pilots as we could sign it then send it off to Mark's widow, Marla.

I plan on sending flowers. Mark was a true gentleman's gentleman and one of our own as far as I'm concerned. If anyone wants to go in with me on flowers, etc. please send me a message or email, etc.


Mark was such a Nice guy!
Really going to miss him : (


I would appreciate it if we sent Mark's window something as a group. Could you please ask around and see who's interested? Obvioulsy I can't just drive over and sign a group card so perhaps this can be done remotely or electronically?

What too few pilots admit to or realize is that if our spouses and S-Os did not support our engagement in our chosen recreation there would be far fewer of us in this sport.




Mark was a nice guy, one of the good ones.  He was an asset and dedicated to our sport, not just in Arizona.  He will be missed.  I would be happy to chip in with any offering from the CSS or any members wanting to do something as a group.  Alan


Though I never knew Mark ], It always hurts when you lose someone from your community.