New Club Tee Shirt Design????

The Crestline Soaring Society  is seeking to have a new Tee Shirt.

If you are a creative individual that has an idea we would like to help you get it in print, on a shirt.

The only parameters would be:

It could include the following:

Crestline Soaring Society

Southern California

Crestline & Marshall

Possible mountain sketch

Would like a small front logo on shirt

The back of shirt would contain most of the info/logo.

Any & all designs would be considered.

Let us know what you are thinking????


Fly Safe!


We would like a small logo design in the front of shirt. 

4-5" round or other wise.

Back of shirt can be 11-13 " wide.

12"  high.

That way it will fit on S-XXL

Colors can be 3-5 as your design needs.

It has been suggested but not critical: Clouds, mountains, gliders (Hang & Pg's) etc.

You are the designer, Go for it?

Thank You all for any & all efforts.

We have a huge number of visiting & local pilots that would like to have a shirt for their collection.

You may very well  see your shirt in other parts of the world?

Thanks Again!

Fly Safe!


i need to know how many color to silk screen on CSS Tee-Shirt?

how big areas on tee shirt  ie,  10 x 8 Inches   or 14 x 11 inches?

Are it Front and Back view on Tee-Shirt? 

Let me know