CSS August 24th Fly-In

We are having our second fly-in of the season this month. You are all invited once again to come out & enjoy a day of flying & some good food with your new friends and fellow pilots. I've been told the menu will be a Mexican venue. This will be a catered event.


There will be some special events planned along with the fly-in itself. One of those will be a raffle, with some of the prizes being donated. Shelby has asked, if any one wants to donate something/items to be included, please get a hold of her. Dave H. is working on the flyer & it should be posted on our site shortly.

So, with four weekends away, put the date on your calendar!

DATE:   August 24, 2013


PS.  There has been mention of an "October Fest" in the fall season?  We'll see how that develops...

A lot of awesome people donated prizes for the raffles.  Better come to the Fly-in if you want a chance to win!


sneak peek...


This is just a reminder to all about our upcoming event. Shelby, Mike & her dedicated group of volunteers have a special day planned for all. Along with the great weather for flying they have also planned a Raffle with some very awesome prizes. I've been told our friends & fellow club members from Wills Wing & FlyTec have  very graciously donated some special items for the raffle. There is even a Sail Plane flight donated by another club member, Alan Coffield, to just name a few items included in the raffle.

Because this event is catered & we must pay for the meals upfront, & not knowing how many will want to eat, we have ordered 100 meals. There will be Meal Tickets ( $10 ) on sale the first part of the day, till they are all sold out. So if you indeed want a meal that day, we suggest you buy one as soon as you show up.


Owen has also vowed to have the Slip & Slide set up for the kids to enjoy all day. The pond will also be available for all to enjoy, as well. With temperatures forecast in the 90's, you yourself should also be" Well Hydrated", with at least several liters of water with you, before heading up to launch. 

Volunteers welcomed & needed !  With an event this size there are plenty of things to be done.

Tables, chairs, coolers filled, tickets, registration, help serving food, cleanup, break down of equipment, etc., etc., etc. 

If you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated!


Fly Safe !


Yesterday, 8-24-13, during our Andy Jackson Memorial fly-in. 

Wow,  Owen, you are FAST.  You fly your topless Glider like a sail plane.  I was fortunate to catch up to him at San Bernardino Peak ; Only because I Cheat, and fly an ATOS.  

My flight:  http://www.paraglidingforum.com/leonardo/flight/815312

I have an, un-edited Go Pro video of this whole flight, but no time now to edit it.  maybe this winter I'll get that done and post it.  Great Knowing I had an expert paving the way on 8-24 to Gergonio ; again.... 4th time for me this year.... and living in Blythe.... this is a big, expensive Deal!  

We'd love to see Owen's track log , huh?  Thanks Owen.  


thanks so much for joining me stan!  you are flying the snot out of that atos now.  i had a 24 minute jump on you, and you still reeled me in!

i look forward to seeing your video edit.  the clouds forming beneath us east of san gorgonio peak were amazing!  like nothing i'd ever seen before.  boiling cauldron spooky looking stuff there.

i will post my track log too.  i had a climb east of keller that was over a vertical mile in six minutes!

so fun to then head back and land at the greatest landing zone on the planet.  thank you, and congrats to all who made it happen.  best fly-in ever!



The fly in was Funtastic.  Many thanks to all who worked or helped on putting it on, especially whoever it was that dialed in the great flying conditions.  I agree with Owen that the company of fellow pilots and friends was great.  Almost regret not landing sooner to have more time to hang with the good crowd.  Four hours+ of mixing it up in the super floater (SF) with the many HG&PG as well as with Floyd in his Red Goat was just too much fun.  I flew without cameras, but had a lot of people say they got good shots of the SF, so please send any shots, clips or links to me at:    alcoffield   @   hotmail.com 

or email me if you are interested in info on air chair style gliders.  I hope the rumors of another possible fly in in September pan out.  I may have to finally pull the HG out for that.  Thanks again,  Alan