Venue Suggestions near AJX for USHPA BOD Meeting

Does any one have any suggestions for for meeting / hotel venues in the area for the Fall 2014 USHPA board meeting?  

Ideally close to AJX so that board members and other attendees can come out to fly and see the awesome work the club does in SoCal.  Looks like there are some decent potential venues near the Ontario Airport, but was hoping someone had some "local" knowledge.

Let me know here on the forum, facebook or via e-mail: corey.caffrey(at)


As one of the Regional Directors of the USHPA (Region 9) I can tell you that we would love to have the opportunity to hold the Fall 2014 directors meeting within a 30 minute drive of Andy Jackson.  During last Fall's meeting in New York a substantial number of pilots including myself, Dennis Pagen and numerous others expressed their desire to hold the meeting at a location where we could actually go flying once the USHPA business was done at the end of each day.

A suitable location needs to be able to hold about 40 people with a speaker's podium and (typically) tables for the attendees.  Nearly all of the attendees invariably end up paying portion of the costs out of their own pockets so the cost of the rooms and a means of getting to the meeting place is important.  

The hotels that we have stayed at in the past may have offered up a block of rooms at significantly reduced prices to the association members.  I think they have thrown in the conference room as part of the package, but I don't know the details.  The executive director or one of his staff members would know.

I don't know how practical this idea is but it would be really nice if we could meet right at  Andy Jackson Airpark.  In the fall the weather is typically mild enough that we could meet outside under the canopy. If the savings to the USHPA is significant, a portion of it could be contributed to the park.  Assuming that the weather is mild I know that most of the attendees would prefer meeting outside to being stuck in a hotel conference room. (A backup plan for inclement weather such as a conference room at the University might be a good idea.)  

The big downside that I see is that if the attendees get distracted by colorful objects floating overhead there will be a risk that half of them will end up playing hookey.  

Dan Tomlinson 

Director Region 9 

I suppose you could rent a wall tent.  I've been to weddings that used those for groups of > 50 people.

Setting it up in the LZ where the slip 'n slide gets set up should be possible.  Now that there's power to the shade structure, lighting it shouldn't be a problem.  Or set it up on the Cross Country Ranch, and use it as a dormitory after the meetings are over, for those on tight budgets.

I'd suggest a schedule of meetings from 6 am to noon, and 7-9 pm, to limit distractions.  That gives you eight hours a day of solid administrating.

The Day's Inn just across the freeway on University parkway claims they have two meeting rooms, one for 40 people, and one for 100 people.  But that's a much lower-budget hotel than the one Ken suggested.

OTOH, it is probably less than ten minutes from the LZ.



I think a wedding tent could work as well.   To my knowledge we've never actually held a BOD meeting at a Chapter owned site.  This would be a first and my guess is a big hit with the Board of Directors members.  We are all pilots and none of us like being cooped up inside a hotel conference room all day long.

Since I am a visitor here I don't want to get in front of your club's interest on this subject.  I've briefly broached the topic with the Board members.  If your chapter is genuinely interested in participating please get in touch with me at  

The application process is fairly formal but not terribly difficult.  It would help to have an endorsement from your Chapter president and Regional Director.

Dan Tomlinson

USHPA Director Region 9

PS I'm planning on coming out and flying Marshall today and possibly this weekend as well.

Hampton Inn & Suites Highland

27959 Highland Avenue, Highland, California, 92346, USA TEL: 1-909-862-8000 FAX: 1-909-862-8100

This is a nice, modern hotel that's related to the San Manuel Indian Casino. Just a few miles east of the LZ, where the 330 heads up the mountain to Running Springs. Getting from the hotel to AJX would involve hopping on the freeway (ramp essentially adjacent to the hotel) and hopping off at University Pkwy. 10 minutes, tops.

Restaurants and shopping near the hotel in a nice area plus there's the casino, which is a couple of miles away from the hotel.

But that's still quicker than coming from Ontario.

Incidentally, if you're using Google Maps to get directions, use "Andy Jackson Airpark" as the destination.

The Badger Canyon address gives directions to a place up Badger Canyon.

Hold it in the LZ. Excellent. That's why we elected you...maybe we can get them to move the headquarters to the Ranch. Happy reps make better decisions.