Help Needed Thursday

Got a 700.00 quote to weed whack Marshall for the "Fly In". That's a little much so I decided to call Kevin. He told me we already had 2 whackers that you can roll like a lawnmower. We also have 2 whackers that are presently non op.
His suggestion was to buy an industrial grade whacker to round out the arsenal. I agreed.
Problem is:
We have 3 whackers. I can only run one at a time.
We need more (2) people. Thursday morning.
You can reply here.

 Can we haul gliders up too? Catch a few dust devils after our indentured servitude?


I'd argue for earlier.  It's already starting to warm up by 8:30.  My ideal would be to meet very early in the LZ -- say 5:30?, and be on Marshall by 6:30 or so.

But I only have to come out from Mira Loma, and I don't know how long you expect it to take with those tools.

But if it's 8:30 in the LZ, I'll be there.

I can set it up with Kevin to make sure you can get a whacker at 6:30. I agree that it is warming up early. My problem is that for me to get to the LZ by 6:30, I would have to wake up at 4:00 AM. Not happening.
If you want to coordinate with me call me:
Thanks for the help.

I'll show up at 8:30.  The weather seems to have cooled by ten or twelve degrees.  I can work in 95 degree heat, where I'd probably decline in the 105 degree stuff we had on Sunday.

Takes about two hours by yourself.  No need to pay anyone.  Crestline, 350 and 4hundo launches needs some work also...


I bought a brand new Stihl trimmer last year.  It's available for club use.

Just curious. Are you going to help, or are you offering your whacker? I can't tell from that post.
I'm pretty sure it takes more than a couple of hours to trim Marshall, but I would love to see you and your new machine out there giving it h..l.
Thanks in advance.

Offering your whacker ? I know the SCOTUS just ruled  , but come on , that just sounds wrong.


Then you knwo how to use it ,

I dont launch there....just saying  ....weeds on crestline  /  marshall need to be whacked...