Taco's & Beverages tonight

Just a heads up...I'm bringing taco fixin's for dinner toninght after flying.  Cook time 6Ish.  Beverages as well.  



I knew I couldn't make it back West w/ the sea breeze coming so I made a beeline for Sam Walton's solar panels in Highland when I heard those Boyle Heights taco cart bells chiming on the new dinner bell app feature from the latest Flytec 6030 firmware. 

A group from as far away as Calcutta even hijacked a rail car to attend...

The waters of the Ganges were particularly restorative.

It couldn't have worked out much better for me.  I'd just finished packing up when Owen announced the pond shuttle was leaving.

Swam enough to cool off, and Owen announced "Tacos in five minutes!"

Chris' tacos were completely awesome.



Thanks Chris & Kelly VV for the flight fuel :) i can go on perma-thermalling now....