2013 Flyin

Eleven days after the flyin, July 17, 2013 will mark the fortieth anniversary of me successfully committing aviation in a hang glider.

Close enough.  I'm inviting family and friends that don't ordinarily come out, and bribing them by offering to pay their meal ticket.

I don't know how you plan for the catering -- it's always good, I'm not complaining, that's why I'm hijacking it.

Then I wondered if it wouldn't be easier on the people doing the planning if they had a good idea of the core number of people that were definitely going to show up.  I may have as many as thirty or so people out.  I'm still waiting for some responses, but I figure I'll have a fairly hard upper limit of how many I'll have to pay for by a week before the flyin.  In fact, I wouldn't mind paying then.

So maybe people could post their estimates of how many they'll be bringing in this thread.