Sunday launch Video from Black Peak, Parker, AZ

Below a link to Launching Black Peak, (or P Mtn) In Parker , AZ Sunday 6-2-13; while all you guys were having amazing!!!!  flights, back home.  Congrats on the amazing flying you had in my home town of So. Cal.

Mike Collins, Thank you so much. Man, how do you thank someone for this kind of help? And then making great; a perfect Launch video showing our Parker , AZ site;  called Black Peak;  on maps or if you "Google" it but we call it P mountain.

I need a Paragliding instructor to drive up to launch with us someday to make an assessment has to whether or not a Paraglider could safely launch from here with all the towers and wires that are ALL over the place. 
And Thank You Ted Sutton for flying your plane over head on May 29 and showing me where the Boomers were at 11:00 AM!!! Darn, I was too late on 5-29-13 launch, otherwise I could have gone another hour past Sheba Crater.... Imagine the Mileage number then.

This place is so hard to call it correctly also. It's so LOW, elevation. the real boomers don't start until Your work you way LOW over scary looking terrain for 50 to 60 miles. Like Andy keeps saying.... I've NEVER hit this place on a day where Cumies are all over the place .... and their have been those days... especially and usually in Late April / Early May. Oh well. 

Thank you Mike and Ted very much for you help on June 2nd, and Andy (Cal Glider) Anderson for your help on May 29th! 


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