Friday 12/29/2017 - Yeah Baby!


Clear and crazy warm, first of several onshore days to finish the year. Drove in to Marshall with the windows down. Flew in shorts, short sleeves. Put my gloves on once I got above 5k. Perfectly comfortable. Mitch arrived just after I did, the Grim Jim. Flew with them and Don from MT and some others (all PGs).

Launched the F3T HG at 13:49 from the ramp into S 10. A little squirrely for the first 5 or 6 minutes after launch - strong bumps I couldn't do more than a third of a circle in. Got above launch and it was easy and smooth. 600-900 FPM to 5,600+ and then off to Crestline. Drift was out of the S to SE, 10-15 MPH. Up again at Billboard, went to Pine and after some similar bumpiness down close to the top I got to 6,200+ N of the top.

Easy glide back to RGNLS and Cloud, had to concentrate to work the thermal W of Cloud heading NW. Got to UM again with a few hundred feet and it was bumpy and switchy. Thermal then a mellow cycle and did a tight CCW approach and top landed very smoothly heading a tad more SE than usual. Great fun. GoPro on keel. Bluetooth headphones playing tunes from my phone. Don had decided not to top land then changed his mind after I did it :) Mitch top landed too.