A funny thing happened on the way to the Gator storage

So there I was, going down the steps from the LZ, carrying my gopher getting gear, when a pickup truck with "Inland Sod Farms" pulls up.

"I bet you're just the guy I want to talk to" says the driver.

"Oh?" says I.

His name is Norm, he lives near the LZ, he's a member of a running club that runs by the LZ.

He's also recently bought a tandem gift certificate for another member of his running club from Rob.

It turns out that from time to time his company has grass seed that gets wet, or for some reason can't be sold.  So he brought me two bags of grass seed, which I have stored in a metal trash can to keep it dry and away from rodents, and is threatening to bring more, when and if it becomes available. But for now, I've got probably 25 pounds of grass seed.

So I will watch the weather, and the next time we have a likelyhood of significant rain, I will overseed some of the thinner spots in the LZ.

Alright FREE grass seeds!  Heard some whispers from pilots and other prospectors how much the lawn have improve. 

You have done and continue to do such hardwork Tim.  Definitely comments from pilots were "It's comfortable to land on a green grass" and not accidentally getting twisted ankle when landing for it had happened in the past.  So thank you!!