90 degrees

Is how far off the Marshall wind indication seems to be.

Hi all,
the data we are collecting is a bit skewed indeed and we are aware of that.
However, the direction is not just static 90 degrees off, the discrepancy varies by direction unfortunately.

I had no time yet to exchange the faulty unit, but hope to do that this week or weekend.

For now please kindly disregard the direction wholly.

Thank you for your patience with the current Beta versions, were working hard to iron out the problems.

Once we got everything working correctly, will we make a big announcment.


Just out of curiosity, what kind of sensor are you using?



Many were concerned that our WX at Marshall might be damaged or stolen or destroyed by various factors.
The replacement parts of the existing sensors at Crestline and LZ were quite quite expensive.

Out of those reasons I tried to find largely available and inexpensive parts.

We are using the Ambient Weather Wind Vane for direction and Wind Cups for speed.
They are used in many weather stations, and replacements are available even at Amazon for $18

Because they are so common, many places offer them for less, like here


All these details will soon be made available for all.

Thank you Tim!