Discount on Paragliding Major Brands


Good news, in the last few weeks, I added 3 major paragliding brands to the Full list of brands I offer discounts on (click link), namely: Dudek, Triple Seven (777), and Gradient as of today !

When you need your next car, don't you wish the salesperson could be unbiased and just help you get the one that fits your needs the best? This is the concept applied to paragliding gear. Of course, if you know exactlly what you want, you can get it too.

When you are considering something new, send me an email with your thoughts along with skill level, body weight (and height for harnesses) and together we will find the best matching gear, and make you doubly happy with a good discount.

I added PHI to the list today. Wings are designed by Hannes Papesh, who used to be the designer for Nova and more recently Advance.