Cool new safety product pilots may want to check out...


I came across this company and their product on the interweb and thought that it might be something pilots would like to have when they fly.

PYYROS - The Ultimate Survival Tool + Flashlight

DISCLAIMER: I have no connection to this company in any way and I am not endorsing the product... just saying it seems cool and maybe worth checking out. If it turns out to be junk, don't blame me! I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who does decide to buy one... but for $39 I'll probably go for their kickstarter early bird special, in which case I guess I'll be one of the guinea pigs! I haven't reviewed their site thoroughly yet, or found enough info about the beacon in order to make an informed decision, but I have until Septmember 13th to learn more about it, so I'll get to it between now and then. Let me know your thoughts on the product. Thanks!