Wasp War II, of course.

After defeating the wasps on launch, I noticed yesterday we have wasps in the LZ.

They are in the extreme corner of the LZ near the HG training hill, in that extra green patch of grass due to the corner sprinkler. Their main activity is flagged with a little red flag.

I'm hoping they're just eating a dead frog or something, but I'll get out there with some wasp spray and the tools I used on launch.

So land short in the dirt or anywhere on the less-green grass.  They shouldn't really be a problem for most people, but be aware they are there.


Well, I guess they were eating a frog or something. Came out this afternoon and no wasps anywhere near my flag. No sign of a hole near my flag. So as Rosanna Rosannadanna used to say: Nevermind.