Jet Noise for Nate


Hey JD, suprised that he didn't turn into that lift nearby and join you. Oh well. Those heavies always seem like they are in such a hurry, and as such they really do miss the best parts of flying. 

Wildly changing topic now to drogue chutes...your thoughts and recommendations? What is the procedure to order one and have an otherwise non-compatible harness modified? Thanks!


Dustin Martin sells the nice 6-panel drogues made by Free Flight Enterpirses.

He may be able to modify your harness or possibly Mitch can do it and he's local. Next time we meet in the LZ you can show me your harness.


I fly with a standard high energy cocoon. I'm sure high energy can get everything routed correctly. Might even be able to use one of my side pockets (about 12"x4"x4") to contain the drogue.

Thanks! See you next weekend.

Use your left side pocket and attach the bridle to the left main support V.
I'll be happy to show you how.