Flight reports?


Flight reports anyone... Bueller... bueller?  I have not been flying the last couple of months for various reasons (perfect timing), which makes me appreciate hearing other reports more.  Looking at the heat and weather, this weekend,  while home in Canyon Lake I presume there was some good flying at various sites through out SoCal.  I know I saw three PG flying over/near my house at ~8,000 MSL around 1:30pm Saturday and that a Cypress sailplane member flying his "Russia" sailplane out of Elsinore topped 10K MSL late in the day.  I know today was better.  Where are the reports from CSS, Elsinore (or anywhere in SoCal please)?  It looks to be good (and HOT) the next few days at Elsinore.  I hope to get my Pilatus out on Wednesday, and if my back is willing, I hope to get out to the CSS fly-in on the 9th and fly my super floater with everyone. By the way were there a few PPG flying low around Rome hill on Saturday around 11:00 or 12noon?  See you in the air, Alan