American Flag


Hello fabulous people looking!

If anyone has an extra outdoor Flag in your possession, please bring it to the LZ.  This weekend will be great or anytime before our 32nd Annual Andy Memorial Fly In.  Party Time on September 9th.

Thanks to Sawyer for pointing it out that our LZ flag is so damaged.  He actually stated which need to be shared, "I don't want to be picky but don't you think the flag need to be changed."  We take advantage of watching the direction of the socks to determine the wind but forget the flag.

Thanks for your attention!  See you all soon! 


It would be a great honor to get a new flag for the club. Could you or anyone else tell me the proper size to get? I'll try to pick it up tomorrow, Robert.   

Just ordered a very nice flag. It's suposed to be the most durable of outdoor flags. It will be here well before the 32nd Memorial fly in.  

I was suposed to get a U.S. Marine Corps flag right? Or was that my 12 years of wonderful brain washing kicking in again? Once a Marine, always a Marine, LOL......     : ) 


Just kidding, O'l Glory is on her way, Semper Fi Mack!

Once a marine, always a Marine. You may be out but you never lose the attitude.
But the Marines wouldn't go anywheres without the Navy...haze gray and underway.

Wooohooo!!!  So wonderful and excited to see the new flag waving at the LZ.  

Susumu was also concern for us to get one soon too and I had to look if anyone responded to this topic before attaining one.  Thank you Robert for making it happen!!