Flying pix from 072317


Hello there!  Seems to take me the better part of a week to get these photos up here, darn day job! wink  For those of you that flew last Sunday (7/23) and launched from Crestline, I'm sharing another link to some photos I took.  There were a couple of pilots I hadn't seen before, so if you see your pix and would like to know if I have more please comment below. 



You got a shot of me and my ugly Exxtacy, flying  Crestline ; and Ya got

a shot of my landing !!!!

I shaired a thermal with a PG over the bilboard in the first 1/2 of the flight , and

shared another one with a PG in my last thermal that day ; both were FUN

and still amaze me how a Rigid and a PG can have so much fun flying together

in the same bubble of hot air !!!


Thanks a Bunch : Bille


ps : kinda looks like my harness needs adjusting ; might make my

feet more comfortable ? LOL

Thanks, M^2. Sorry I missed the link to the Google photo album. I've been pretty brain dead lately. Even zombies have been shuffling right past my cranium. Very cool shots there!