Aero tow HG questions


Does anyone HG have experiance towing or being towed out of the LZ via ultralights?

The reason I ask is I happen to have one, would like to know if any powered flights have happened out of the ALZ or near by? 


I don't believe motorized HG/PG or ultralights are currently allowed to launch from AJX.  What ultralight do you have?  I know some air chair pilots that would be happy to follow your tug depending on what it is.  Alan

absolutely cool. i wonder if it could pull an air chair? :D now, that would be some fun right there. hmm the little Kolb definitely couldn't handle the Schweizer, but sure wish it would because both our tow planes are down for service right now. Went out Sunday to tow but got the memo too late. Sigh.

Sounds like a Rotax 447 power plant on your Kolb.  Most part 103 aero towing is done with at least a ROTAX 582 or 912/914 or equivalent.  You might be able to tow something up on a big open space like El Mirage Lake bed, but I wouldn't think about doing that at any constricted (landing space wise) fields, and definitely would not try at elevation or high density altitude days.  I dont think any one tows with a 503 either although it may be possible with a trike frame.  Even if it were permitted at AJX you would really want to get something with a greater rate of climb and short field performance, not to mention, of course, the slower stall speeds or "flight envelope" needed for towing a HG.  As I have posted previously, if any one wants to go crazy and partner up on a Dragonfly (or suitable trike) tug, for non-commercial local use please give me a holler.  See you in the air, Alan

Really feel that the dragonfly has to be one of the better ultralights ever designed. They make them here in California now. Kinda interested. Not super cheap, about 60k or so. I've been watching the used market but inventory is very sparse.

if i had one of these, and an air chair, that would be good.

I hear yah about the cost to build anything new these days. Waiting for the one you want to come up can be frustrating. The phantom with the engine forward was my other choice but the noise and prop wash in my face was a negative.

Pricing new kits was jaw dropping but think I got lucky with mine it was low time, 2 owners before me and under 7k with the trailer. The 447 pushes her along 50 to 100 mph in level flight climbs out about 400 fpm without ground generated lift.

The first picture was at El Mirage on her maiden with me. Had to add a rudder trim tab after those first flights she really had a nasty crab from the torque with power on.

Reciently painted the tail to give it more visibility too.