DHG will fly at crestline ,Please safe distance from Deaf Pilot


On Saturday June 3,   

DHG have time go to fly HG and please safe distance about 150 feet space in ridge 

DHG use "Orange skyhawk single surface wing" ( more visuable color ) so fly safe.

See you at there .......


DHG Flew and good distance in space and more visual color is orange ...

also DHG use "Six dash cams" on flyable  good video and recorded ...

Here is picture ===>>> 

Vintage Hang Glider ( SkyHawk 168 Wing  == Front View From Front Dash Camera 




Craig I love my Skyhawk 188, but your colors have me jealous!

Where did you find a Skyhawk in such good condition?

Hi, Doug Selsam, This is DHG's long term Best Red Harrier 147 version 2 wing in many years....... 

Here is DHG's long term original 1982 Red Harrier 147 ( near Brand New ) has red batten patten !

This Red Harrier 147 ( Version 2 ) has Heavy Alum Frame HeavyDuty Sail & mylar insert lead edge

 since  1991 and never damaged wing / frame  until  gone in midair  ( July / 7 / 2012 ( you know, ) 

then DHG looking Harrier 147 wing with Version 2 has heavy duty sail and mylar insert lead edge

==> Any Pilot have harrier 147 w/ mylar leading edge wing & has heavy duty sail in dark storage?

if you have other vintage harrier 147 wing v2 w/ fully mylar leading edge wing  == Let DHG Know ...

( more visual color  in blue sky   ==>>    Like this ===>>>> 



DHG been search for good vintage wing like harrier / skyhawk that has "Keel" Tail help stable in flight

Now that DHG did  found best heavy duty orange skyhawk 168 wing

Hard to find  best health wing with thick batten, leading edge has foam )

more fun to fly , light weight for DHG's Pilot Hook in Weight is ( 63.5Kg ) ....  


Now DHG's  Orange Skyhawk 168 Wing  ====>>> 


Glider: Harrier
Years: '81 - '84
Sizes (sq ft): 147, 177, 187
Rating: 2

Comments: Easy handling trainer, (I & II). Single surface, cambered aluminum battens, relatively tight flare timing for a trainer. Getting pretty old now, but an excellent single surface glider. Possibly the fastest turning glider ever made.
- And for a contrasting view:
The Harrier and Duck hang ratings given here suffer from the "older is easier" syndrome. I believe the Harrier was marketed as a Hang 3 glider. As noted, the Harrier has critical flare timing. It is NOT a training glider, because of this.

Glider: SkyHawk
Years: '84 - '89
Sizes (sq ft): 168, 188
Rating: 1

Comments: Refined Harrier for training use. Easy handling / landing. One of the best single surface gliders ever made, I think. Low top end speed, but it will turn on a dime and is well-engineered. Easy to set up.

LINK:  http://pyroart.tripod.com/ct_hanggliding/wings.htm