E Wx station


Was slothing around the internet last week and came across this:


Eteamers put up a station. Way to go Eteam!

the Holfuy seems like a very effective integrated remote WX system. I think perhaps we could use one at Cloud or Marshall..


I thought a weather station just got installed at Marshall. Granted, I haven't seen any weather data.


Congratulation Lake Elsinore!

When searching for a rugged weather station for Marshall a year ago, I came across Holfy (and some other European manufacturers) but the Hungarian manufacturer had spec'ed his stations to lower temperatures than we have during our many hot days at Marshall. The other issue was that they used Lithium batteries, and the heat/runaway effect in those batteries can lead to fire (thus the low specs). Considering that we are on goverment property at Marshall and have dry bushes there, a fire hazard in general and in particular would be a real issue.

Holfuy also offered no support or repairs for the US at that time. And last, their radio would not work in the US at that time (US has different frequencies than the rest of the world), so I'm happy that they now offer radios which work with the US frequencies.

We have extreme wind and worse, temperature conditions at Marshall. Add vandalism and theft as a proven factor, and we have some unique situations to deal with.

We really didn't want to put up something that would invite to be stolen or damaged, but want to provide a rugged and reliable station to all.

Our station is in it's last stages of being deployed, some of our volunteer team members who do a really great job helping build the Marshall Weather station had tough work and personal related issues and we could not advance the projcet for many month.

But now we're back on track as you might have noticed and last Monday started with the attachments of the parts. We dissassemled most, as we didn't have the lock in place yet (working on that this weekend).

Thank you all with your patience, and bravo to Eteamers !!


Not a hi fire danger risk as they are mounted hi on a pole in the midst of big rocks. Theft/vandalism possibilities are minimal as they have been put in places away from trails and are "hidden" from view. You would have to know where to look to find them. They don't use radios either. They use cell phones.