Fun @ Elsinore with Alan, Dirk and Mickey! (video)


Updated edit and combined footage from 2011&12 for 3-1/2 minutes of fun.

I don't know why I felt compelled to bump this little blast from the past. I was actually at Skylark today getting the annuals done on the Pilatus (seen in your video) and the PW-2.  Just saw Dirk yesterday at Hemet where he was setting up and flying his DG-202 that he has listed on Wings and Wheels.  He already bought a DG-800, so I don't think you will see him flying the Cypress Clubs SGS 1-34 which was the other sailplane trying to make Jonathan like a bug on his windshield in this Video.  He topped San Jac yesterday afternoon after a tow from Hemet.  The Cypress club is towing one day a week there now (Friday's for now), so heads up for sailplanes when going XC near there.  I am not sure which HG wing Mickey is flying this summer.  Hope to hear some reports from the HG/PG pilots I saw climbing out by the South Towers while I was grounded, working on the planes, and of course any thing from CSS although I suspect tomorrow may be the Sweet day at AJX.  For those flying Elsinore tomorrow I hope to join you with the Pilatus for what looks to be some good air.  See you in the air, Alan