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SUBJECT:                                MINUTES    -    GENERAL  MEMBERSHIP MEETING

DATE:                   April 29   2017,          10:00  AM              

Presented by Kevin Greene - secretary to the board.

A scheduled meeting was held on the above date.  

An unprecedented 36 members and guests attended the meeting as well a 4 dogs.

Liability Insurance Coverage and Safety Issues.

Dave Aldrich the club's Safety Director reviewed the details of the CSS risk assessment and safety plan required by our insurance carrier  All pilots will be responsible for understanding and complying with these safety guidelines.  They will be published in final form and made available to all via in the near future.

Dave also reviewed the club's emergency action plan which has been recently published on the forum.

Several members voiced concern that the fact that AJX and associated launch sites are for intermediate pilots only who have been signed off by an instructor.  Their concern is that visiting pilots often are no t aware of this fact

A motion was made that this fact be added prominently to the website and added to the top of thday use form.

The motion was also made that no P2, H2 visiting pilots be signed off on the day of Fly ins due to heavy traffic etc.

AJX landscaping and irrigation water for the grass.

A query came from the floor regarding the status ot the CCR, pond water, future camping etc.  This issue was reported to be in flux and still developing and that no conclusions can be drawn at this time.

A comment from the floor encouraged the board to consider a dues increase if necessary to preserve the grass landing field.

Chris Hast announced that he is relocating and will no longer be able to serve as Site Director.

The board  will be taking immediate action to fill this position.