Updated Site Protocols


The site protocols have been updated. Please take a few minutes to review and familiarize yourself. Also please review to find my likely numerous spelling and grammatical errors. I r engineer dammit!

The main highlights are:

- No gliders allowed on launch ramp [at Crestline] if spectators are on rocks. Pilots must clear spectators before getting to the ramp. No paragliders launching if spectators on rocks

- Tie downs must be used during mid-day thermic conditions [at Marshall and the LZ]

The main thing to keep in mind here is we must protect the uninformed public. Injuring a spectator is the worst thing we can do "insurance-wise"

(Some of the maps suck and have hard to read text. I didn't make them for this format. Also, the only thing worse then my spelling and grammar are my graphic design skills so if we have someone with more skills that can help make these more better please step up!)