Dial in Conf. Call for the General Membership Meeting 29 April 2017, 10:00 AM

I'm going to set up a conference call for anyone who can't make the drive out to AJ tomorrow AM for the Semi-Annual General Membership Meeting.  No promises on sound quality.  We might have a bit of wind noise but I'll do my best.  

Please remember to put your phone on MUTE so we don't hear addtional background noise. 

Here's the info:

Dial in: (319) 527-2705

Access Code: 572380



I will be there, but unrecognizable without my usual orange flight suit.

If that is not enough to confuse people, I will pull out my new smartphone.

Jerome please wave at me if you see me so I can say "hi" to undercover Jerome.


Thanks very much for providing this service. I had to sign off a little early, but think I heard all the important safety and insurance issues facing CSS. Though I've not been in the club long, I must say I've been impressed with the help and encouragement to fly safely exhibited by so many others. While in the Navy, I had a commanding officer who once commented he could elminate his safety concerns by getting rid of his weakest pilot and his best pilot. Statistically speaking his approach would probably work as its usually the few in these extremes that demand our attention.

Thanks again,


Thank you guys all who came out on a non-flying day for a very productive meeting! And thanks to those that called in to the conference call. That was an experiment and we already know how to make it better so hopefully we can improve that for next time. I'm working on getting all the new documents online and posted on site. I'll try to get a meeting summary up along with that as well.