Ranch camping


No more camping past May 11.

What happened ; someone complain we were having too much FUN !! ??



Hi. Can you please explain a little more on the situation and is camping going to be close down entirely As well  for RVs ?  

Yes, no more camping for anyone. The ranch never acquired the necessary permits for camping I operations and the county caught up with them.

It is possible for the ranch to obtain the proper permits but it will require a great deal of support from the community. Hopefully we can have more info soon.

Some of the funnest times I have spent camping was when my husband, Larry, and I, loaded up and spent time camping at the LZ. So many fond memories! The evening potlucks, the breakfasts, the peacefulness, spending time with some of the greatest people ever! Someday in the future, I would like to go back camping there again. Is there anything there anything we can do to help restore the camping again? If so, I would like to help if I can...

Good to hear from you!

You and Larry were always great company and a pleasure to be around and chit chat on a flying weekend!  Plus those pot luck Breackfest happening's always were great with your added support and help.

Come join us when you can, or at least during our upcoming Fly-In's.

Hope to see you soon and looking forward to getting caught up.



but then you won't :P

ground blind covers for the win. and truck neeeds a new paint job anyway :p

 California is so crazy. You can't even have friends over at your ranch and spend the night in their RV'S without a permit Lame. 

"Maybe are friends at the Fire department can help us with permits"

Lots of us moved out here into the boondocks so we can have lots of open space to do what we want without bothering people.  Seems like there are more rules, about more things, than anyone could ever keep track of.  Often the rules are mostly just technicalities.  They sometimes want to apply rules designed for big businesses to a lemonade stand, but only if the lemonade stand is highly visible.  Sometimes just the way things are presented can affect whether you can get away with them.  For example around here many people run little businesses out of their homes.  As long as they don't hang up a big sign and publicize it, nobody really cares.  The code enforcement agencies are complaint-responsive.  As long as nobody complains, they generally don't bother you.  I see businesses getting around rules where, for example, what would have been called a "payment" turns into a "donation".  I'm pretty sure its legal to have friends sleep over at your ranch once in a while if you are not "charging" them.  Anyway, I would not give up hope that there is not some way for limited sleepover activity to take place.  It may all come down to how it is phrased and presented.  Just because someon is sleeeping over doesn't necessarily mean you are running a campground as a business, per se.  And of course if there's a way to figure out who, if anyone, complained, and how to keep them happy, that might key.

Here in Orange Co there are multiple large communities of Homeless that no one seems to care about and pretty much left alone?

So True if there's no money to be had and the jails are full they leave you alone.