Saturday 4/15/17 Marshall/Crestline


Really nice Spring day!

Flew a Falcon 4 170 around 1 PM from Marshall then an F4 195 at 3:20 from Crestline.

On the first flight the house thermal went to 5k after wandering a bit then the first thermal off Cloud Peak got me higher; I left it at 5,700 for a run back to Crestline - arrived at 5,200.  Back out front good thermals in the usual places, drifting north.  Cores were 900+ FPM up but hard to stay within them. Easy to average 400+ FPM.  Landed after 40 minutes so I could fly another glider. Cored sink S of the LZ to get down.

At Crestline it was ridge soarable at 3 PM and the first thermal at Billboard got me 6,100 so I went to Pine with the F4 195 and flew directly over the top :)  Another Falcon followed and I realized it was Polina.  We climbed from the bowl in merging thermals and got over 6k.  I was just above her and we went west to the power-line spine and a little beyond.  got above 6k again but was wary of going farther and fighting the headwind back so I turned South.

Out over the Afterbay was a nice core and I got above 5k there for a different perspective on the ol' flying site. Realized Rob might be waiting for the glider in the LZ so I tagged Marshall and went down to land at the 1:04 mark. Still plenty of easy lift near the 750 and such, drift more to the NE than earlier. Long WNW cycle at the LZ and waited around in weak lift to the east before shooting a normal SW approach.

First flight:


Second flight:


Before the first flight, albino falcon sighting: