Spring General Membership Meeting and Site Closure

Hello Friends


The next Crestline Soaring Society General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 29th*, 10 am at the Andy Jackson Airpark share structure. We have some very important issues to discuss ranging from a series of FAR violations to USHPA’s new requirements for chapter risk assessment and mitigation. Because of this and a lack of interest/participation in the previous general membership meeting the CSS board of directors has decided to close the site via the White X system for the duration of the meeting. There will be no flying, kiting, lessons, loading of gliders or other activities during the duration of the meeting. It is very important that we get as many of us as possible on the same page about these serious issues that affect the short and long term future of flying at our site. We need everyone’s attention and do not want the distraction of other activities going on during the meeting.


The decision to close the site is not one that was made lightly but the board feels it is necessary in this instance. Closing the site is not something that the board intends on becoming a regular event aside from our normal procedures for site closure (fire and emergency rescue vehicles.)


Speaking personally, it sucks that we have to do this. It’s not my or any of the board member’s intention to inconvenience any of our members or instructors. However it’s better to just close the site for one morning, get everyone’s attention for an hour or two so we can discuss these issues, then it would be to close the site permanently.


The specific agenda will be posted as soon as we can.


If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to me personally. Thank you all for your cooperation.


David Aldrich

CSS Director of Safety

(909) 559 - 8364



*The CSS web site had stated the date for the meeting was the 22nd of April but we had to push it back a week to the 29th. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Interesting. Thanks for the heads up Dave. Seems a perfectly reasonable action regarding an all-hands meeting. AJX has a large and uniquely diverse spectrum of pilots and that requires a certain type of awareness; of course management is only doing their job to provide\instill it.




And i am basing that on what i read in the Thread :

Wednesday 2017/4/5 - Jerome's private convergence .


Not a very wise thing ; to post such Crap on a public forum !! (NoNo)

There is a reason why i want to sell my U-2 ; and get an engine for

my rigid-wing !




Just wondering if you could have the meeting very early or very late in the day if it is only for an hour or two. Not sure where I will be or if will effect me, as I don't make the drive that often. But, I really doubt I would give up a weekend day of flying to make the drive - and not fly.  Like many I assume, my flying time is limited, and I am fine with whatever rules or things you come up with.  I can follow rules most of the time, and based on your comment of a possibility of CSS site being closed permanently, I can guess there are some serious rule violations going on - for some reason.  Enforcement needs to be strict and rules well understood. 

If it was clear the meeting was going to be after 5pm or 8am, maybe more people would come. Or maybe you really are targeting certain groups?  like instructors or students or ?  

anyway, maybe that is the plan anyway, open flying after or before the meeting.  Thanks for the work.