Get Involved with CSS projects and upcoming Events!

Throughout the year CSS has a number of projects and Events on the calender.

Many of you out there have asked how can I help and what do you need?

If you have a few extra spare hours and all of you have a talent or skill in something the club needs at sometime, please come and offer your time.

A few examples of past efforts by club members!

Fly Safe!





I am new pilot and would like to help the club. Is there any list of projects that need to be done or list of what help is needed. I would gladly contribute, but I'm not sure what needs to be done and who should I contact.




Hey jeff would be happy to install another sock at CL. My last install lasted a whiiile  but it is time again:) do we have one I can pick up?

We have a new windsock in the Shade Structure for Crestline launch waiting for you.

Next time you're at the LZ, pick it up. Brown cabinet with SS tie wraps should be there.

Your friends Thank You!

PS. ware your helmet when climbing that tree.

Climb Safe!


I've been looking to complete a project started back 3-4 months ago.

I have ordered and received all the necessary parts to move forward with a unique project. We will be working on our Reserve Parachute Deployment system that was donated to us from another flying club.

Below is a link to the thread and the G-Machine.

I will contact you for times and day we can complete assembly and testing.



To get involved over this next year with club events or projects, simply talk to any of our current BOD. You know most of them or have seen them around.

Dan D., Stephen K , Kevin W. Kathy R.,Chris H., Dave H.,Dave A., Kevin G.,

Your help is always appreciated!

Thank You for supporting CSS and it's members.

Fly Safe!

Sounds great, let's get together and let me know what needs to be done. 

My personal email is

Jeff please shoot me email and we will get together. 


There are a number of safety related projects that will need to be finished before the start of our peak season (May-June.)

- Installation of glider tie downs in the LZ and at Marshall Peak - The board is in the process of securing materials. Once we have everything we can schedule a work party

- Design and fabrication of several new signs. Warning signs to spectators, general site info etc. Working on the content for these signs at the moment.

- Purchase and install a replacement aviation band radio for the LZ

- Overhaul all of the site protocol signs in the LZ. There are a few changes and additions to the site protocol this year. Site protocol has been updated, just not posted yet.

- Bushes at Crestline need to be cut way back

- Grass and bushes at Marshall will likely need to be cut sometime before summer

The board is currently focused on the tie downs and overhauling of the site protocols. Once the tie downs are finished we will need to turn our attention to signs. We will try to keep everyone posted on these activates. Please feel free to contact any board member if you'd like to help!


 David it would be my pleasure to cut out bushes etc. at Crestline .. would love to clean it up! Let's touch base so we can figure out exactly what we want done and I will take care of it   Also I will go get that Windsock and get that baby installed ASAP

I own a cnc router with a 5'x10' bed capable of cutting plywood sheets and I also have a laser cutter with an 18"x32" bed that is capable of cutting acrylic etc up to 1/2" thick. If the club needs signage or stencils and such cut for any project let me know. 

Thank you to everyone who worked on the wind sock and the tie-downs!