Why fly the full past-forum content?

Ken Howells has done a terrific long term service to CSS; thank you, Ken, from my corner. 

The pledge by Ken: "old forum content from the last six years is not transferred over.  We hope to have it viewable sometime soon, but it won't be in the new forum. "   attracted my attention, so this topic thread. 

Why fly full past forum content?     aka, Reasons for keeping our history available for search and study?

Your ideas on this are invited.   What are the values, reasons, assets, etc. involved in having hang gliding discussion flow available?      Post your reasons. Support the project Ken has pledged.      Thanks, All.

caption: Early Frank Colver session at "Little Norco", CA. Not sure at the moment of the pilot. 



Here are two reasons coming to my mind: 

  • Posts clue me to things that may save my life or the life of another pilot or person. Having the years of our information  available for research and study will let safety-critical items be available for new pilots as well as old pilots.  Hundreds of pilots have put in much investment to share items; how shall we value our past?
  • Having our rich many-year flow of sharing available will allow us to have a sense of community; our text is part of our special culture.

Someone else?

Here is one of the CSS posts from 2006 that has been taken down: 
(146 posts total, last post: May 22, 2006 - 21:40)
From: "Victor McBride" <victor.mcbride@...> 
Date: Sun May 21, 2006 9:40 pm 
Subject: Re: Death at Bloosom? victorwhatsy... 
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I am very, very sorry to confirm that Charlie Chau died at Blossom today.

We are going to miss him a lot.

Victor and Lori

--- In SDHGPA@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis" <dservetter@...> wrote:
> I was watching the 5:30 news Sunday when I heard that there was a
> skydiver death at Bloosom. Knowing that it is a hang and para site and
> not a skydiving site does anyone have any information on any such
> occurance. If it is true, and I hope not, my condolances go out to
> their family and friends.


Charlie Chau 

A discussion group elsewhere had some on that matter: 




Joe, please be patient.  There were problems with outdated software that was running the old site.  It basically stopped running.  That's why we have this new site.  I'll get the old content up in some form before too long.  

During our interlude while supporting Ken and thanking him, this topic thread is open for anyone to describe values of discussion forums in hang gliding community. During this momentary "dry spell" ... dry for not having some of our rich history, the ache might let some of us post notes of how discussion records can play positive roles. In so doing, perhaps such reflection might encourage the quality of discussions to grow.    During our patient wait, consider posting in this topic thread something about the asset of discussion records and flows.  And I trust that any of us that might supply needed supports for Ken's project might step forward.   

Continuing from my corner for the topic: 

Character and color of persons may enrich the association and its activities. Text and digital image forms one dimension of associating. "Getting to know you ...;" is partly enhanced by discussion records.   I am putting in some time to collect what Terry Mason put on the Internet; each morsel seems to add a little facet to a birdman that last year took the Next Thermal; we won't have his additions in text anymore; I am treasuring the growing collection; some of you might want to add to the Terry Mason notes. Either send to me directly or post someplace that is spidered by Google and I will aim to include such treasure. http://www.energykitesystems.net/HangGliderHistory/TerryMason/TerryMasonONLINE001.html   and the index page of that folder: http://www.energykitesystems.net/HangGliderHistory/TerryMason  In our digital age, it is beneficial to have redundancy in case some server falls away. 
WayBackMachine only captured a small part of CSS discussion posts for various reasons.  Anyone is welcome to copy and backup any of my work in my hang gliding history pages on any topic for non-commercial purposes.  

     People approaching CSS and seeing how members and visitors value the history of our text may be drawn positively to the association. 

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