Elsinore Sunday 3/19


Showed up in the LZ, hoping to get a PG flight in. Jeff W. was kind enough to give everyone a ride up to launch, but it was blowing down pretty steadily and the decision was made among the team to head to Soboba and\or Marshall. I had a sailplane scheduled at Skylark 4:30pm, so i stuck around in Elsinore. Grabbed a bite to eat, went to Skylark, talked to the pilots, kited my PG for a while at the airport. Time to tow came up pretty quickly.

None of the sailplane flight that day were longer than 20 minutes. But i noticed during my tow a little lift west of Rome hill. Got off of tow and it was all sink, went back to Rome hill and found it was this little stripe of lift between it and the ridge, 100 ft/min up. Mowed it back and forth for 15 minutes until i punched through into a nice layer or broad lift that went up to 6k. It was getting late though. Did some steep turning stalls hopefully to lose alitude, eventually had to dive with spoilers to get down, it was getting really dark. Longest flight of the day! Patience near Rome hill paid off. Even 100 ft/min might get one to a better layer if one waits long enough! Really cool views of the marine layer come in over Orange County.