Thursday 3-16-2017


Warm and clear, not particularly windy.  Flew from the 750 at 11 AM, three flights from Regionals, my last at 4 PM.

Little bumps to work near the hillsides but the good thermals seemed to be spawned off the flats rather than being kicked-off by the slopes.

On flight 2 (yellow) with a U2 160 I watched a good SW cycle fade away as I worked weak pointless lift over the LZ for an extra two minutes of airtime, so I had to land in zero wind.

Save (blue) with a U2 160 from 500 AGL (2,200 MSL) at 2:25 near the LZ to 4,500 MSL well south of Marshall (a little N of the old concrete pad in the canyon). Mostly 200-400 FPM along the way. The LZ was going off when I got back down and I had to go south to find sink to get down to approach altitude. 

Small PG gaggle appeared at Marshall looked to be getting near 1k over while we were in the LZ breaking down the wings.

Similar climb with a Sport 2 155 on the next flight (red) from above and east of the 750.  The Mark IV (?) just below me couldn't quite lock-in to the core but hung in there as 2 Alphas came in from the side and we tried to circle together smoothly.  They go so slow! :) I finally centered in a weaker side core and let them pass in the main.  Then I got under THEM so THEY had to watch ME. 

Some extended WWSW cycles at the LZ for those last two flights, as shown by the blue in the LZ wind graph. We were aiming toward the PG cone but coming in straight downwind of the shade structure so had those "How much rotor from the box, if any?" thoughts on final. Compost piles along the east and south edges of the LZ limited approach options a little.  Should be great for the LZ grass as it gets warmer and drier.  Thanks Dan (POCSS), Chris, and others who were working on that today!

Visiting pilots from Texas and elsewhere spoke of how great it's been the last few days.  Today's more modest heights and climb rates matched the Soaring Predictor pretty well.

20+ cheerful PG and HG pilots hanging around the LZ by the time the sun was touching the lowest foothills of Mt. Baldy.

Get it this weekend - NWS is predicting a 'pattern shift' to cooler and wetter starting Tue-Thu.



Sounds challenging and generally decent flying. See you tomorrow (i'm supposed to be at work, whatever, i'm flying) and Saturday at AJX.

Sunday for me will likely be PG and later definitely sailplane at Elsinore.

FLYING SEASON!! Next couple months (and maybe Sept) are really the best parts too..I've had some amazing Spring days before. Overall quite stoked.