I would fly friday if......


If someone would run a bus or something it might be a good swith day!

Kevin G.

Kevin said he'd throw on to the Andy's truck at 10:45 for the switch. This may be one of those days where the best soaring is post-switch and it just goes downhill <pun intended> from there.

So far it's:

Andy, Me, Kory M., Marc D. & Kevin. Andy's truck can hold one more. Anyone seeking the last early slot can hit me up or just show up and bring your tie-downs (hopefully we don't get overflow)

JD (nmerider * gmail)

it wuz best post switch n then it sukt.   The PG's fromCanada had a gud time thow.



Ah, run for your lives!!!!!

Kevin, I owe you. I had no plan on flying today until ya made me look.

Shortly after 1PM....

Wanted to fly to Cucmonga Peak but unable to connect immediately by Lytle Creek so I turned back.

How'd the Cliffhanger get way up there???

In spite of a whole slew of errors I still eeked out a fun run...