XC from Black Peak in Parker , AZ to Phoenix tomorrow 4-26 and.....

Tomorrow, Saturday, I'll try to repeat a flight done last year almost this same time.  This flight:  


Wind direction and lift indicate this similar type of flight to be done tomorrow from Parker , AZ.  with the help of Andy Anderson.... Andy drove this route to help me last year.  We'll see what happens.  P Mountain in Parker, AZ takes a North launch (Cliff Launch) and has a S SW finger to run down with this wind direction.  Tomorrow, I'll use the N launch around 11:00 AM  Getting around Phoenix Airspace..... is always my problem.   I need help on programing CTR's into my new Flytec 6030.... if anyone can help with CTR programing, thank you.  However, the place I landed last year; Pleasant Valley Airport, definitely has LZ suck ( pleasantvalleyairport.com )  and is a great place to land just outside the airspace.   So, and If I try to keep going East.... I'm going to hit a strong South wind... Or North?  heck if I know.... according to XC skies. .....   . I think....  Stan Roberts.