Condition of 2N40 From the 750 to Regionals?


Does anyone know the state of road 2N40 between the 750 and Regionals?

Big thanks to those who dealt with the recent slides and washouts on 2N40 between Devil Canyon Raod and the 750!

My Tacoma made it up, no sweat.  I tossed a fair number of freshly fallen sharp edged stones to the side.

Several switchbacks past the 750 there's 30 feet of 3-foot wide gully but it can be straddled.

There's a very uneven area before the 750 and there's a spot where the concrete slope reinforcements don't have any slope behind them.  That'll be a tractor job for someone who knows what they're doing.

Since I had a shovel with me I planted a couple of yucca spikes with streamers at the Regionals launch and a found piece of PVC pipe low on the 750.