Happy New Year! Are there any shuttles today? The shuttle page isn't showing anything.

Rob's not running a shuttle. Haven't heard from the San-D-Van yet.


Devil Canyon Mouth and points southwest

All cancelled due to the damn lookey loo's wanting to go up and see snow.

probably requires chains right around the turn around as well.




Alex Cheng drove for me and several PG pilots.  The road in to Marshall was in good shape. ESE 5-8 at Marshall in the afternoon. I stood at the top SE launch for a while but it was a little too cross from the left and not quite strong enough for comfort looking at the shallow slope.  Down at the ramp it was 30 degrees cross left or so.  I waited for a lull and ran straight down the ramp with the glider pointed a little left.  Was off smoothly with the F3T in four or five steps.

No climbs but some slow sinking for a 10 minute flight to the LZ.  Landed into ESE 5.

Monday it took us 7hr to get up to Big Bear rte 38.  My family took 9 hrs rte 18.  There was chain control at the top of the 18 which backed the traffic all the way back to the baseline.  Turns out there was very little need for chains until the sun went down.  Came down Friday and the road was dry all the way down.

I can understand why there weren't any shuttles with that kind of traffic. I ended up hiking. Great day for it. Then a 10 min sledder.

The night before there were two (out of twelve) reservations, and I added three. We needed to do work for the weather station at Marshall, so the departure time of 11am looked perfect. Even got confirmation by email. At some point our spots were just cancelled with no prior warning or any warning whatsoever. No mention on the website. No email, no explanation. Nothing. However, Sean was kind enough to save the day for us and drove us up in his truck. This made it possible to continue work for the three of us.... Thank you, Sean (and Michal)!

Jimmy, we are very sorry. Thank you for letting us know. Until we read your post, we never knew this could or how it could happen but we are reviewing the  reservation process for necessary corrections.

Thank you, 

Sincerely,   Sandy & Dale (San-D Van)