7 day weather cycle


The forcast highlights the classic 7-day weather cycle...

Weather Cycles

The weekend flyable luck ran out. The cycle jumped a cog and weekends are out for a while. In 2 or 3  weeks it will jump a few days and be back to weekends on or at least one day. January is always tough. Westfall and Corbin will break out the axe, do what has always been done, and the sun will again rise higher in the sky.

I remember you also mentioning this pattern during the WX forecasting class back in March.

Wondering what the rationale is behind this cyclic behavior, I figure our local atmosphere must have a certain "elasticity" with a corresponding natural frequency and period of about 7 days.

will change; if there around other girls on a different cycle. I wonder

if all the pilots got together ... ? (smile)



when you feel bored in home due winte weather then do fun practice on own hang/para glider simulator in garage .... setup large screen and use your own harness to hook support then use flight simulator software to do fun also good for your family/ friend.. can try to learn to fly on screen...